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Why health Coaching?

"The Health Coach Revolution"

“To change behaviours that lead to chronic disease, doctors aren’t enough…

We don’t need more information – or more doctors – to solve the problem…

Health Coaches are the solution…

Coaches and doctors working together: the best of all worlds.”

~ Tony Robbins


"The Importance of Health Coaches in Combating Chronic Disease"

“Health coaches support patients in making lasting diet, lifestyle, and behavior changes, free up physician time, and improve patient outcomes.”

“…most doctors, nurses, and physician assistants aren’t trained in behaviour change. Instead, they are trained in the “expert” model of care, where they simply tell patients what to do and expect them to do it. This works when the patient is facing an acute health issue, but it fails miserably for long-term behavioural changes like managing stress, starting an exercise routine, or losing weight. For most people, information itself does not change behaviour. Behaviour change happens at home, not in the clinic.”

~ Chris Kresser


word on the street

"What I loved about Villy's approach was how holistic it was - she seamlessly covers mind, body, spirit and lifestyle in a way that leaves you educated and empowered, but without feeling judged or pressured."

Kay Owen


"Villy's program transforms your life by offering practical advice on how small changes can have a big positive impact on your health.  And unlike with a one-off consultation, you're fully supported throughout, which makes all the difference."

Anna Tsankova

Mobile Spa Owner, Beautopia

"Not only I feel great in my body physically, but I am feeling so much more like myself! Confusion and uncertainty have been replaced with knowing myself better and making better choices for myself daily."

Kate Johnson


Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

    Have you heard of elderberries? They are small, antioxidant-rich berries of the Sambuca tree, and have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. If you have taken Sambucol and any other syrup or capsules with Sambuca in the name, then...

Potato & Bean Burgers

Potato & Bean Burgers

    EASY VEGGIE BURGERS When I say easy, I mean veeeeery easy. And so very yummy. This is how I cook - maximum flavour and minimum effort! You do not need to be doing Veganuary to enjoy these, but if you’re focusing on adding more plants to your plate, then...

The Hormone Test Every Woman Needs To Do

The Hormone Test Every Woman Needs To Do

What's the deal with hormones?Hormone imbalances are rife in this day and age. Leading a busy life, not sleeping enough, feeling tired and wired, and at times properly burnt out? A clear sign of your hormones (and your digestive & nervous systems) screaming for...

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