Gut & Liver Nourishment



Read (link further down below) the 10-Day Gut & Liver Nourishment for an overview of toxins, detoxification and all details for the 10 days.

You can go straight to the information for the 10 days and order your supplements (if you choose to use them) now so that you have them on time, and return to the rest of the information in the document when you have more time.

All details on where to order the supplements (UK only) are on Pages 38, 39 & 43. Standard free delivery typically takes 24h (if the order is placed before 2pm) and up to 48h.

Next, read (links below the paragraph):

Day-by-Day Guidelines

Food List

Recipe Ideas

BUT, do make the time soon – sit down with a cup of (herbal) tea – to read the 10-Day Gut & Liver Nourishment document. Yes, even if you’re well familiar with the world of toxins and detoxification. Even if you think you know everything. There are always little nuggets of inspiration and motivation to be found, which will help you greatly to strengthen your commitment to your wellbeing and to stay the course of the 10 days.

My aim was to create a broad overview of these topics (this is no War & Peace deep dive into toxins or a doom and gloom boring presentation) and most importantly, bring to light how much (a lot!) we can do to support our wellness by understanding the main drivers of health issues. 

10-Day Gut & Liver Nourishment

Day by Day Guidelines

Food List

Recipe (Meal) Ideas

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Cruciferous Vegetables List

Gluten Elimination

Dairy Elimination

Eating Hygiene

Mindful Eating



Acid & Alkaline Producing Foods Chart


Mid-experience check-in, insights + an invitation for some reflection and mental/emotional declutter (Ponits 3 & 5).

Best practices for exiting the 10 days + suggestions on what to focus on for health optimisation on an ongoing basis.


10-Day Gut & Liver Nourishment – Mid-experience Check-in

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