“I started working with Villy almost 2 years and am so grateful for her advice, knowledge and support.  Leading a stressful busy lifestyle in London alongside being a mum started taking a toll on my health. I tried different practitioners, but none of them looked at my body and mind in such a holistic way and there was little to no follow up support.

Villy’s program transforms your life by offering practical advice on how small changes can have a big positive impact on your health.  And unlike with a one-off consultation, you’re fully supported throughout, which makes all the difference.

I couldn’t be happier to have found my health mentor and highly recommend you see her sooner rather than later to enjoy a better quality of life.”

Anna T.

“Not only I feel great in my body physically, but I am feeling so much more like myself. Confusion and uncertainty have been replaced with knowing myself better and making better choices for myself daily.

Villy helped me really see and address the elephant in the room – my stress levels. As much as I had convinced myself that my eating habits needed the most improvement, I knew deep down that there was a deeper reason why I was eating what I was eating. I would have never been able to ‘go there’ on my own and accept fully that I was super stressed and anxious.

I feel so much lighter and happier, almost like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and am enjoying life again in ways that just make me excited for the future.

I can’t recommend Villy’s coaching enough. Give yourself the gift of support, education and love to move forward in your life!

Kate J.

“I was delighted when Villy offered to work with me. We’d met on a course and became friends and I was always impressed by her knowledge of all things nutrition and wellbeing, and her huge enthusiasm for both. 

For me, reaching my late thirties brought with it a few health issues, including a low thyroid and endometriosis. Sadly, most mainstream doctors don’t yet recognise the diet and lifestyle factors that impact on these conditions, but I knew that I felt better when I ate well and worse when I didn’t.

A couple of years earlier, on a 2-week holiday in Sri Lanka eating local cuisine, I’d found that several of my symptoms disappeared without gluten, so I already avoided that, as well as caffeine which provoked insomnia and sore eyes. But when I met Villy I felt as if I needed to go a step further but didn’t know where to start. I also felt dragged down by my dietary restrictions and frustrated that I couldn’t shift my extra pounds no matter how many 10ks I ran or fitness classes I attended.

What I loved about Villy’s approach was how holistic it was – she seamlessly covers mind, body, spirit and lifestyle in a way that leaves you educated and empowered, but without feeling judged or pressured. There is an important overall structure to the programme, but Villy is happy to deviate in a session eg to answer any health questions that have arisen, or discuss a GP appointment you’ve had, or something that’s happened in your life that’s making things a struggle.

Too many practitioners in the natural health sphere are against any conventional treatments, Villy, on the other hand, will work with you to find the combination of approaches that work best for you. For example, I knew that embarking on a detox from the off would be a challenge for me with my very busy life; Villy was happy to lead me in baby steps, which I believe has been crucial in creating the lasting change that I’ve achieved. We did discuss vitamins and supplements and I now incorporate probiotics and probiotic foods in my diet. I felt the difference of the probiotics on my digestion within a week. If only I’d known Villy when I was in my 20s and my IBS started going crazy, I could have had a way better quality of life.

Villy doesn’t stint on the information she provides but it’s always clear, I never felt overwhelmed or blinded by science. She can talk about the complexities of the microbiome and thyroid health in a way that makes them feel simple, and is always happy to answer questions or look into a topic that you want to know more about.

Another aspect that I think is unique to Villy is that she always remembered what we’d covered before. I think a lot of clinicians end up confusing clients or don’t spend the time to read their notes before a session, which leads to clients having to repeat themselves or feeling insignificant- I once went to an acupuncturist who would always forget my name! With Villy that was never the case, it was as if our last session was yesterday instead of last month.

The 6-month length was ideal for me because shifting really engrained habits and mindsets does take time. We live far apart so phone calls were perfect and avoided any travel costs. Knowing that I had the next call booked in with Villy made me more accountable for my actions, in particular as I would often receive emails from Villy in the meantime including information and research as well as a great deal of kindness and encouragement. I really felt that she was on the journey with me. For example we identified early on that I had been using sugary foods to compensate for my other food restrictions, so freeing myself of my domineering sweet tooth was one of the goals we set. Villy advised me on the factors and foods that cause cravings, provided quick and easy ways to prevent blood sugar spikes and most important of all she reignited my enthusiasm for cooking. This included giving me access to a treasure trove of nutritious but tasty recipes that I still make regularly now. I actually can’t believe now that I would regularly open a jar or tin to cook a meal when it’s just as easy to make something tasty from scratch.

We also did some lovely tune-in type meditations together which were not only a relaxing experience but also gave me more awareness of my limiting beliefs and greater confidence to take care of myself.  One result of this is that I’m now much happier eating out and telling waiters what my dietary needs are, in a really positive way, instead of feeling powerless and having the inevitable flare-up the next day. Some of the books on mindset that Villy recommended are ones I keep by my bedside table and read again, they are so inspiring.

The results? Now I feel much happier in myself and with my body, my thyroid TPO antibodies have reduced by around 200, and I’ve ditched the running in favour of rebounding and dance, which never fail to give my endorphins a boost. Perhaps most importantly I no longer need my daily sugar fix, and the freedom from that has been amazing.

If you’re suffering niggly or even larger health issues, and you’re ready to take some of the responsibility for feeling better yourself, then working with Villy can make a huge difference and you won’t look back.”

Kay O.

“You’re the only person who has somehow managed to help me make changes and stick to them, during a global pandemic no less.”

Megan C.

“I love your style and how you make everything clear, and not stressful. I’ve been through so many plans that I could never stick to. Since working with you, I’ve been changing things slowly (it’s felt too slow at times!), but they are becoming habits. I feel hope. Thank you!”

Amy P.

“I didn’t know what to expect from our first session. I feel so relieved now. I love how you break big topics and make them relevant to my needs. For the first time in a long time (I’ve worked with many practitioners), I am full of hope and excitement for the future.”

Emma B.

“My hot flashes have reduced and my bloating is gone! For the last 4 weeks I’ve not needed coffee in the morning to get going. I think it’s because I am sleeping much better. Oh, and my skin has cleared completely, can’t believe it!”

Claire P.

“I feel so relieved. Hadn’t realised the tremendous amount of stress, unease and unhappiness I was living with, constantly on the lookout for the best diet, the right supplement, the best test or healing tool… to make me feel better. I am slowly making friends with my body & I am starting to notice what’s working for me as I am not distracted by the noise of looking out in so many directions at once. So excited to start seeing more positive changes, but the biggest win so far has been finding “my way”. Thank you so much for opening the gate to a whole new world of possibilities.”

A. S.




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