What your body must have to function optimally so you can start putting an end to the hormonal rollercoaster

A practical, easy-to-follow system for making changes AND solidifying them into sustainable habits

You may experience


Heavy, painful, irregular periods leaving you exhausted & barely surviving for 1 – 2 weeks every month?


Hunger & the constant need to eat to keep your energy up? Not to mention the afternoon slump, leaving you feeling sleepy & just plain old tired every day.


Insomnia and/or interrupted sleep.  And even if you sleep through the night, you still wake up tired?


Feeling irritable, overwhelmed by everyday life and easily annoyed? 


Raging PMS for a week every month? The fun stuff, like headaches, migraines, bloating, painful breasts, sleep issues, and skin refusing to behave?


Inability to lose weight, especially around the middle, regardless of how much you exercise or what you eat?


Brain fog and feeling sluggish?


Hair loss, hair thinning yet hair growing where it’s not supposed to (face & body)?


Anxiety, palpitations and emotions all over the place?


Cravings for sugary, carby, salty and fatty foods?


Bloating, indigestion and/or heaviness after meals?




Hi! I am Villy.

A Functional Wellness Practitioner & Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

I teach women how their bodies work. How to get to know their unique physical, mental and emotional makeup. Together, we bring their bodies, minds and souls into balance, and create a lasting blueprint of actions & the right environment, so that they can thrive and bring their best selves into the world. Aka, we design their wellness sweet spot.

I do this through a tried and tested system incorporating:

→ ♥ The best of human psychology & change behaviour, and the best way to approach changes, the non-stressful way

→ ♥ The principles & science-based practices of Functional Medicine – including a focus on the unique person, human physiology and biochemistry, standard & functional testing, a thorough & holistic investigative approach to health & wellness

→ ♥ My extensive overview & journey through the maze of modern & functional medicine, alternative therapies and everything in between; trainings in energy modalities & how to access our innate intuitive wisdom & my unique abilities to get to the heart of what matters quickly & effectively

There comes a time in life when we want to live our lives to the full & grab the endless opportunities the world has to offer, but do it in a conscious and connected way without compromising our wellbeing & happiness.

It took me years to discover what truly makes me happy, and how to recover my compromised health from more than a decade spent being constantly busy and on the go – a modern-day illness a lot of us have unfortunately fallen prey to.

Now I teach women how to find & live from their wellness sweet spot.


You’ve probably collected enough contradicting information by now, have tried different eating plans & supplements, and are likely feeling a little confused.

You may also be a little fed up with feeling the way you feel.

You could even be concerned about all the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

And, I am guessing, you’re not here for quick fixes or War & Peace type of hormone reading.

You need an easy to follow system to start making real & lasting changes, right?


What you WON'T have to do with Happy Hormones - The Foundations


Continue to live in overwhem


Think that your body is broken, beyond help or does mysterious things


Be confused about what to do & where to start with hormone balancing


Continue to let hormonal symptoms rule your schedule & drain the joy from your days, relationships & passions


Throw money at random (pricey) supplements in the hope that something (miraculously) works


Be confused about what your body needs so you can experience the bliss of your hormones working in harmony


Invest hundreds & thousands in tools, gadgets and hacks so you can feel human again


What you WILL have to do with Happy Hormones - The Foundations


Follow the tried & tested implementation system for making changes and sticking to them


Wave goodbye to all overwhelm, confusion & uncertainty


Use all checklists to organise your action steps & keep track of your progress


Use the BONUS worksheets and documents for even more ease of implementation and better results


Enjoy the consistency, momentum & peace of mind knowing you’re creating solid foundations for hormonal balance


Enjoy getting to know YOU better in the process


Start to experience improvements in the way your body functions (and start feeling better*)

*Results are very individual, depending on your overall level of wellness, the changes you’re making & how your body is responding.


Imagine your body feeling nourished & energised.

You have the mental clarity and zest to focus on what’s truly important to you in life.

Week-long monthly rapid mood swings are a thing of the past.

You wake up rested and refreshed most days (we are all human, right?).

Moving your body feels like a normal part of life and (mostly) joyful.

You get a bit tired around your cycle, with some carb cravings and irritation here and there – a normal part of hormonal shifts – but the mammoth, uncontrollable sugary binges and colossal rages are gone.

You no longer feel massively overwhelmed or super reactive to everything. Anxiety has reduced significantly.

Your skin is clearer and your hair doesn’t fall out excessively.

Your weight is normalising.

Your digestion seems to be cooperating for the first time in ages. No more excessive bloating or other *extras* keeping you away from socialising and enjoying life.

Lifestyle changes no longer seem daunting. You can see the positive results you’ve already created, and you know you can continue to make things happen.


10 x Succinct, No-Fluff Emails

An introduction to hormones

A How-to implementation system to make the most out of the program

The 7 Pillars – Food, Gut Function, Movement, Stress, Sleep, Joy & Toxins.

Each pillar is delivered in a separate email


Program Schedule

The order of the emails and the days you’ll receive them so you can plan accordingly


7 x Trackers

Weekly worksheets, covering each pillar to keep your activities & progress organised and easy to track.

You can print the PDFs out or fill them in online (the PDFs are fillable).



Weekly Planner

A one-page sheet to help you keep track of the activities you’re focusing on for each day of the week + all your priorities for the week

6 x DIY Cleaning Recipes

Ideas for non-toxic cleaning solutions you can make at home


Stress Assessment Worksheet

A one-page worksheet to help you go through the stress assessment exercise more efficiently

Personal Care & Cleaning Suggestions

A list of some of my favourite non-toxic brands & product to save you hours of research


Megan C.

You’re the only person who has somehow managed to help me make changes and stick to them, during a global pandemic no less.

Amy P.

I love your style and how you make everything clear, and not stressful. I’ve been through so many plans that I could never stick to. Since working with you, I’ve been changing things slowly (it’s felt too slow at times!), but they are becoming habits. I feel hope. Thank you!

Emma B.

I didn’t know what to expect from our first session. I feel so relieved now. I love how you break big topics and make them relevant to my needs. For the first time in a long time (I’ve worked with many practitioners), I am full of hope and excitement for the future.

Claire P.

My hot flashes have reduced and my bloating is gone! For the last 4 weeks I’ve not needed coffee in the morning to get going. I think it’s because I am sleeping much better. Oh, and my skin has cleared completely, can’t believe it!


Who is this program for?

Honestly? Everyone! But more specifically, if you’re a woman and have answered Yes to one or more of the questions at the top of the page, you’ll likely benefit from the program.

I am yet to work with anyone who is living all of the information shared in the pillars. We all have strengths and weakness. Unfortunately, hormonal health is far from just eating adequate and wholesome food & moving our bodies, as the popular media will have us believe. ALL pillars are EQUALLY IMPORTANT.

Also, whilst you may be familiar or you may have heard of some (or even all) of the insights shared, knowing something and applying it is not the same thing! Information equals transformation.

The real gold in the program is the tried and tested implementation system. Because where most of us fail is not at the knowing stage. As the saying goes:

“Knowledge without action is like having no knowledge at all.”

What is the program delivery timeline?

The delivery of all emails happens within a 24-day period.

All pillars are delivered 3 days apart, which gives you enough time to read them and start implementing 1 – 2 points.

You will continue to work on the pillars after the 22-day period using the implementation system.

Is there a completion deadline?

Not at all. The implementation system provides you with the tools to move through the changes efficiently, sustainably and without added stress.

How slowly or quickly you move through the pillars is entirely up to you, and it will depend on what changes you need to make, your desired pace and goals.

Is this a self-paced program?


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the online deliverability of the program, there are no refunds.

Do I need to eat a specific way?

No. Outside of minimising/eliminating processed food, I provide general guidelines for meals for blood sugar balancing. You can implement these on vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian eating plans as well as plans involving meat.

Does it come with meal plans or recipes?

No. The program’s focus is on eating real food & I offer meal guidelines for blood sugar balancing – crucial for hormonal health.

Do I need to invest in any tools to make this program a success?

Not at all. You do not need anything special to get the most out of it.

Based on the suggestions and what you find beneficial, there could be some helpful purchases (like thick curtains or a rebounder), but the program doesn’t have any specific product requirements to make it work.

Do I need to purchase any supplements?

No. This program does not include supplementation.

Is there live or 1:1 support?

This program does not offer live or 1:1 support.

You’re very welcome to send me an email and let me know how you’re getting on – I’d love to hear about your journey.

If you require 1:1 support, you can book an exploratory call with me here:


Is this an in-depth program?

As the name suggests, this is a starter program, providing the foundational framework for creating hormonal balance in the body. Every *body* needs these foundations in place, without exception.

Obviously, there are a lot more nuances and details within the foundational pillars that you may absolutely need to address, but not without taking the suggested here steps first.

In other words, the foundational requirements within the pillars are not optional. You need them to be in place before you can go into more detailed and esoteric investigations.

If your house foundations are shaky and the walls are not straight, you will fix them first before you move your focus on the issues with windows or move onto choosing better curtains, right?

For 1:1 support, book a call with me to discuss your needs here:

Who is this program not suitable for?

1. If you’re someone who is unwilling to explore new food & lifestyle approaches, or you refuse to make changes, this is not for you.

2. If you expect quick fixes and band-aid solutions, this is not for you.

3. If you’re looking for the Why behind the suggestions, this is not for you. This program’s aim is to hit the important points in each pillar in a concise, actionable way, without lengthy explanations.

4. If you have been making extensive and lasting food, lifestyle and environmental changes, and you feel you have the solid foundations in place for all pillars, this may not be for you. Although I rarely see or work with anyone who has all of these foundations nailed (for them), you may find that you have covered some/most of the information shared in the program.

5. If you are looking for 1:1 support and need someone to do a deep dive investigative approach into your health AND you feel you have #4 above (mostly) covered, this program is likely not for you. You can book an exploratory call with me here:



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