You know it’s a good idea to prioritise your health & wellbeing and find that ‘magical’ work-life balance.

You eat less processed foods, focus on fruits & veggies, and take your supplements. 

You do extra sessions in the gym.

You’ve tried alternative therapies.

You’ve dabbled in intermittent fasting.

Even meditation (and maybe deep breathing) is trying to make it into your life.

You do A LOT of healthy things, yet you don’t feel great. And if you do, it is very short-lived.

Which is precisely why you know that something doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Let’s face it:


Confusion, frustration and overwhelm have become normal – you’ve no idea what works best for you


The restful sleep you’re after is more like a mirage during the week. And even if you sleep enough, you don’t wake up rested


You feel the last eating plan you tried failed yet again, likely because you did something wrong or perhaps you’re born with an uncooperative body


That balanced life the media constantly talks about? It feels like training for a triathlon


You’re dragging your feet through the week. Your weekend & next holiday are in a special countdown app


You quietly scream inside when you hear about the newest diet (that melts fat in your sleep), the best morning routine do’s and don’ts and the idea of living like a nun whilst mastering your perfectly zen life

And one or more of the below symptoms (or similar) are constantly present:

Unpredictable raging moods

Sleep gone AWOL

Severe PMS; irregular or heavy periods

Heavy bloating, indigestion, constipation

Intense cravings

Brain fog & lack of focus

Skin issues – rosacea, dryness, eczema etc.

Hair falling out or growing where it’s not supposed to

Weight refusing to stabilise despite good food & exercise

Lack of energy & fatigue

Anxiety & low mood

Headaches & migraines

“I feel so relieved. Hadn’t realised the tremendous amount of stress, unease and unhappiness I was living with, constantly on the lookout for the best diet, the right supplement, the best test or healing tool… to make me feel better. I am slowly making friends with my body & I am starting to notice what’s working for me as I am not distracted by the noise of looking out in so many directions at once. So excited to start seeing more positive changes, but the biggest win so far has been finding “my way”. Thank you so much for opening the gate to a whole new world of possibilities.”
~ A.S.

All you want is to feel healthy, have enough energy to take care of yourself, your family, your home, and your work while still enjoying time with your friends.

Instead, you’re feeling more stressed & anxious from being pulled in all directions constantly trying to figure things out. As time passes, more and more niggling symptoms seem to appear. All this costs you time, mental, physical & emotional energy, and money (seemingly going mostly down the drain).

But here’s the problem, lovely and it ain’t your fault.

General advice and ideas from friends and the internet are great, but well, GENERAL. Think of them as more top-level guidance.

You’re unique, and you’re special. So are your body, needs and dreams.

Books don’t know you, neither do gurus sharing their top secrets on how to live your best life ever. Practitioners who focus on only one body system or one aspect of health (i.e. nutrition) are missing a HUGE part of your health puzzle.

No one is teaching you HOW:

  • your body WORKS
  • to find out what works for YOUR BODY
  • to APPLY what works for you in a framework that actually creates results
  • to MAINTAIN the results

Continuing down that road is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

DIY-ing your health IS possible. It is also very frustrating, time-consuming, costly and with no guarantees that you will ever find what you’re after. Think about it: do you know what ‘self-care’ even means let alone for YOU?

No wonder you can never quite get the results you’re after. You have no idea what the missing links are.

How do I know? I’ve been in your shoes. More times than I care to count (think years). And I’ve worked with many women in this exact position. We don’t know what we don’t know. And we can’t see what we can’t see.

But the great news is that your confusion can end here.

“Not only I feel great in my body physically, but I am feeling so much more like myself. Confusion and uncertainty have been replaced with knowing myself better and making better choices for myself daily.

Villy helped me really see and address the elephant in the room – my stress levels. As much as I had convinced myself that my eating habits needed the most improvement, I knew deep down that there was a deeper reason why I was eating what I was eating. I would have never been able to ‘go there’ on my own and accept fully that I was super stressed and anxious.

I feel so much lighter and happier, almost like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and am enjoying life again in ways that just make me excited for the future.

I can’t recommend Villy’s coaching enough. Give yourself the gift of support, education and love to move forward in your life!

~ Kate J.


Imagine your body feeling nourished, energised and full of vitality thanks in no small part to the foods you eat. You know what they are, they serve you and you’re at peace. Meals, diets, calories, measurements, scales, shoulds and shouldn’ts do not occupy your mind.

You have the mental clarity and zest to focus on what you need AND want to do in life.

You have the physical strength to match it – moving your body is actually joyful.

Your digestion is considerably smoother most of the time.

Your hair is no longer thinning; your skin is clearer; your weight has stabilised.

You’re reasonably motivated to get out of bed in the morning – most days (we are all human, right?).

You’re not constantly overwhelmed, anxious and feeling unable to cope with day-to-day life.

Your periods & PMS are manageable, and don’t interfere much with your social, work and home life every month (if cycling).

You enjoy your life (for the most part) rather than wish it away.

You have more space in your life for the things that truly light you up.

Here’s the catch: Creating and maintaining a healthy life in 2024 absolutely takes work. Anyone telling you otherwise is not being truthful. But, it doesn’t need to be & feel extra hard, super stressful, overwhelming, and impossible.

Here’s how healthy living can be clearer, easier, achievable, even joyful and (gasp!), actually sustainable.


The 1-2-1 program for living in your Healthy and Happy Sweet Spot

I created this program with you in mind so you can reclaim your health and peace of mind to start enjoying life to the fullest again.

A ‘healthy’ life without fun is not healthy at all! And likely not a life you want to be living. Laughter and joy are top ingredients in my wellness book.

Hello! I am Villy. A Functional Wellness Practitioner & Holistic Health Coach 

I teach women how their bodies work. How to get to know their unique physical, mental and emotional makeup. Together, we bring their bodies, minds and souls into balance, and create a lasting blueprint of actions & the right environment, so that they can thrive and bring their best selves into the world

I do this through a tried and tested system incorporating:

→ ♥ The best of human psychology & change behaviour, and the best way to approach changes, the non-stressful way

→ ♥ The principles & science-based practices of Functional Medicine – including a focus on the unique person, whole body health, human physiology and biochemistry, standard & functional testing, a thorough & holistic investigative approach to health & wellness

→ ♥ My extensive overview & journey through the maze of modern & functional medicine, alternative therapies and everything in between; trainings in energy modalities & how to access our innate intuitive wisdom & my unique abilities to get to the heart of what matters quickly & effectively

Find out more about me here.


This is a high-touch, deep-dive, fully personalised 1:1 program.

There are no group elements or standard, mass protocols included – everything is masterfully tailored to YOUR specific needs & goals.


The program aims to help you optimise function in your body + learn how to best look after yourself.

An optimally functioning body naturally repels disease (it minimises the conditions for illness and disease to occur), and we feel healthy & vibrant.

1) We do this by establishing all health foundations first by giving the body what it needs to thrive, and this naturally takes care of points of imbalance & dysregulation that may be present currently.

What are the main foundational requirements for health? – Nourishing Food (& Sufficient Nutrients); Optimal Hydration; Restful Sleep; Appropriate Movement; Optimal Gut Function; Optimal Elimination & Detoxification; Healthy Stress Levels; Low Environmental Toxins; Healthy Sleep – Awake Routine; Fresh Air & Sunlight; Optimal Breathing; Healthy Home and Work Environments; Healthy Relationships and Social Interactions; Purpose & Joy; Rest & Relaxation

2) Once we’ve laid solid health foundations, we then assess what else needs our attention, and investigate accordingly.

The body is like a house – the foundations of health are NOT optional. I.e. No amount of good nutrition can compensate for a dysregulated nervous system, constantly on high alert.

In short – we aim to get to the bottom of what’s troubling you & what’s not working for you – and discover what YOU need to thrive & live your best life.


This is done via creating your unique *map* of interconnectedness by taking the WHOLE of YOU into consideration:

  • Detailed health history
  • Lifestyle habits & choices
  • Standard blood work + functional testing (if needed & applicable)
  • Current & past symptoms and imbalances
  • Unique life circumstances
  • Desired outcomes
  • The desired pace for implementing changes

It’s a team effort. I’ll be your GPS guide & cheerleader on the road to wellness, but you’re in the driver’s seat. Success relies on your full participation – implementing the foundational health requirements, monitoring your body and providing full feedback every step of the way.

What role do supplements (if needed) play?

A supportive one. Supplements (if needed) are used in a very targeted, specific way with the sole aim of giving the body a helping hand to support specific functions – typically for a short period of time (some can be long-term) – so the body has what it needs to restore & heal itself.

Food, lifestyle and the environment are always the big players and heavy lifters. Supplements only come into play when there is a specific aspect that the adjustments in the above categories cannot fully fulfil at a period in time. Supplements supplement a solid foundation for optimal health.

What role do tests play?

Blood tests are used to provide insights and clues from a functional & preventative standpoint. They serve as a tool for us better to understand the specific dynamics at play in your body.

This is very different to how they are used in the medical, allopathic model of care – to diagnose and treat. A functional look at the blood patterns does NOT replace medical supervision & care.

Functional tests may be warranted at times (hormones, hair tissue mineral analysis, and gut health) to provide further insights into function in the body. These are entirely optional and will only be suggested if I believe they can provide additional, helpful insights to inform next steps (that we need).



High-touch, deep-dive, fully personalised support for 3 - 6 months

A full investigation from a functional health POV into your health – history, symptoms, habits, goals, biochemistry. The length depends on your preferences for the frequency of live calls (and at times, waiting for a blood test result may warrant delaying a session until we have all the information).


6 x 60 mins 1:1 live calls

These take place every 2 -3 weeks (max gap). If there is a desire and need for more frequent live support, and I determine that this will be beneficial, some sessions can be split into 2 x 30 minutes, and more frequent sessions will be scheduled.


Access to me between calls

I am only a message away from clarifying questions (on topics discussed during the live calls), motivation or extra support during working hours. You’re never on your own.


All research pertaining to your specific case

This happens outside of the live calls, and on average, it requires 10 -15 hours


One place for all communication, calls and uploading information

User-friendly, secure system and client app.


Convenient in-app Food & Lifestyle Journals

User-friendly & convenient to update daily Food & Lifestyle Journals within your program app to track your habits & progress


In-depth blood work review through the functional lens

I will review your results within the context of your whole case (outside of the live sessions), and we will discuss relevant insights during the live calls. 


Personalised food, lifestyle & supplement recommendations

All suggestions are fully tailored to your unique needs and desires. No standard, mass protocols.


A short summary of discussion points for easy reference

These will be kept in one document for ease of reference, and will be updated after every call.


Access to professional grade, discounted supplements

Via several online dispensaries I work with.


Access to functional health tests, using my practitioner discount (optional)

These are fully optional, and will only be suggested if I think the insights will be beneficial.


Full review of functional testing (optional)

As above, all functional tests will be reviewed thoroughly.


Relevant resources and handouts

These will be shared as and when relevant. These will enrich your knowledge to help you make informed choices.

The cost for all tests (if done privately) and all supplements is covered by the client.

“I started working with Villy almost 2 years and am so grateful for her advice, knowledge and support.  Leading a stressful busy lifestyle in London alongside being a mum started taking a toll on my health. I tried different practitioners, but none of them looked at my body and mind in such a holistic way and there was little to no follow up support.

Villy’s program transforms your life by offering practical advice on how small changes can have a big positive impact on your health.  And unlike with a one-off consultation, you’re fully supported throughout, which makes all the difference.

I couldn’t be happier to have found my health mentor and highly recommend you see her sooner rather than later to enjoy a better quality of life.”

~ Anna T.



You are ready to prioritise your health and invest in yourself

You’re done with DIY-ing your health, wasting time and money


You say YES to personalised guidance and support

You are ready to make the necessary modifications to your food, lifestyle & environment

You are looking for long-term health improvement


You’re ready to end the non-stop cycle of stress, overwhelm, confusion & frustration


You’re open to hearing new perspectives, constructive feedback and trying out new approaches


You are fed up being offered band-aid solutions to your issues, or symptoms being dismissed as “normal” and “part of being a woman” or “just getting older”

You are excited to learn how to listen to your body better



Your only focus is *weight loss/gain and not whole body health


You are not willing to experiment and make modifications to your food, movement, environment and lifestyle


You are not open to hearing new perspectives, different approaches or constructive feedback


You are not ready to take full responsibility for your choices and actions


You are not ready to put yourself & your health to the top of your to-do list

*Weight issues are typically a symptom of imbalance, like all other symptoms. Successful, long-term resolution of weight issues requires, results from and depends on achieving & maintaining optimal health. Equally, weight is just one aspect of health and optimal weight does not automatically translate into optimal health.


You expect to achieve optimal health mainly through supplements and testing, and medications (if taking any)


You do not believe that your body can heal and you can feel better


You believe that it is the practitioner’s job to “heal” you and make you feel better


You are looking for that one thing that is the reason for all your health issues


You are looking for quick fixes to symptoms vs long-term health optimisation


You are not in a position to invest financially in your health

If there are no obvious obstacles in your way, yet you’re still unsure if you’re ready for this program, here are a few questions that may help

(you can even use them for journaling!)

Are you ready to start bridging the gap between your reality and your dream future?

What do you want your life to look like in 6 or 12 months’ time? Picture your day.

What action can you not afford to postpone anymore to gain the health you need to enjoy your life?

What will you gain by saying Yes to yourself now and taking that first step?

And if not now, then when?




Megan C.

You’re the only person who has somehow managed to help me make changes and stick to them, during a global pandemic no less.

Amy P.

I love your style and how you make everything clear, and not stressful. I’ve been through so many plans that I could never stick to. Since working with you, I’ve been changing things slowly (it’s felt too slow at times!), but they are becoming habits. I feel hope. Thank you!

Emma B.

I didn’t know what to expect from our first session. I feel so relieved now. I love how you break big topics and make them relevant to my needs. For the first time in a long time (I’ve worked with many practitioners), I am full of hope and excitement for the future.




“Bad” news…(not really, who is -mostly- in control?!). Our health & happiness is not something we can delegate.

The AMAZING news? We are always in charge, and at any moment, we can choose to start making better choices for ourselves.

The EVEN MORE AMAZING news? Stepping into your healthier and brighter future only requires taking one small, manageable step at a time. Your first action? Choosing yourself and making your wellbeing a priority. That’s it! You commit to YOU, and I will commit to seeing YOU succeed 100%.

“My hot flashes have reduced and my bloating is gone! The last 3 weeks I’ve not needed coffee in the morning to get going. I think it’s because I am sleeping much better. Oh, and my skin has cleared completely, can’t believe it!”
~ Claire P.


What happens when I click the Apply Here button?

You will be directed to a page with an application form to answer a few questions. I need to know a bit about you, your health and your goals before we jump on a call together. Brief, top-level information, no details are needed at this stage.

Next Step: If it looks like we could be a good fit for working together, I will send you an invite for a call within 2-3 working days.

Please check all your email folders, including Promotions, Spam and Trash if you don’t see an email from

What is the purpose of the FREE Call?

The call is an informal chat. It’s an opportunity for me to learn a bit more about you – your present issues, what you’re looking to achieve with Functional Health Coaching, your general expectations, and what changes you’re prepared to make. It is also an opportunity for you to ask clarifying questions about coaching and the program.

The essence of health coaching is explained here. 

Please note

I don’t need your full health history or details about your health issues on this call – just a brief top-level summary.

NO health suggestions will be made during the 30-min call.

Health recommendations cannot be made without a full health and symptom history, and outside of a coaching relationship.

This initial call is NOT a coaching call.

Do you work with everyone?

Deep dive 1:1 work is only suitable for people who are fully committed to their health and well-being, AND ready to do the “work”.

I won’t tell you that I ‘only’ work with a select few, but I definitely don’t work with everyone who reaches out to me.

Why? People are at different places in their lives, and not every woman who reaches out to me is ready for Functional Health Coaching. In fact, many are not.

1:1 work requires a total commitment on my part to the exploratory process – to get to know you, your body, your needs and desires to support you fully. I expect the same in return. Otherwise, what’s the point? You want results, and I want results for you.

I will ensure you have every bit of information, guidance, support and accountability you need at all times, however, you’d need to be fully committed to:

  • Do what it takes to achieve your wellness goals. A 50% commitment will produce 50% results
  • Keep an open mind and be flexible about trying out new ways of eating, moving your body, relaxing, living and generally approaching wellness
  • Be prepared to be patient and work alongside your body’s innate wisdom and natural rhythm

Additionally, some women may benefit from other forms of help instead of or in addition to Functional Health Coaching. I will happily point you in the right direction for you.

Who is the Modern Woman's Wellness Program not suitable for?

A few more helpful questions, in addition to the section “The Modern Woman Wellness Program is NOT suitable for you if” further up on this page (go back and read it if you’ve missed it):

Looking for someone to tell you what to do all the time and make decisions for you?

Married to your current lifestyle (that is clearly not working for you)?

Love excuses vs finding ways to make things happen?

Expect our sessions together (without taking any action outside of them) to be enough to create change?

If you’ve answered Yes to one or more of the questions, then Functional Health Coaching is likely not the right modality for you at this point in time. If you’re unsure, you can hit the Apply button on this page, answer the questions and I will get back to you.

Find out about the essence of Health Coaching here.

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

Online, via an online call through my professional coaching platform Practice Better (the call is similar to a Skype/Zoom call).





Have any questions? Email me at



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