Hey there!

I am Villy, a Functional Wellness Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach. 

I teach women how their bodies work and help them get to know their unique physical, mental, and emotional makeup.

Together, we create their wellness blueprint so that they can thrive and bring their best selves into the world.

Hey there!

I am Villy, a Functional Wellness Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach. 

I teach women how their bodies work and help them get to know their unique physical, mental, and emotional make-up.

Together, we create their wellness blueprint so they can thrive and bring their best selves into the world.

Human behaviour has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. The overwhelming belief 20+ years ago was that psychology wasn’t something “you could do successfully for a living“, so I chose to study Marketing at Uni – all about what drives human decisions. No wrong paths in life, right?

The curiosity to learn more about what makes us be & feel well intensified after the passing of my dad over 20 years ago. My health took a sharp downturn a few months later – severe insomnia, skin & gut issues, heart palpitations, hormonal issues. Life looked grey, lacking normal human emotions. The debilitating & confusing symptoms were stacking like domino pieces. 

Dismissive medical responses and the absence of tangible solutions led me to explore countless wellness offerings and trends – food plans, holistic modalities, energy teachings, (+ training in a few).

Deep work with a multi-modality therapist followed (my dad’s passing had triggered trauma), which completely lifted my mental and emotional state. Yet my physical body was getting worse.

One pivotal moment came in 2012 after I did a very different “personal development” course. Newfound insights into human behaviour, the power of intuition and our innate intelligence led me to a few big missing pieces of my health puzzle (and life).

Not long after, I embarked on a rigorous path of formal training in the science of wellness and was certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and later as an Applied Functional Medicine Practitioner. I have been in ongoing training ever since, constantly learning and upgrading my toolbox.

Along the way, I’ve encountered firsthand the transformative power of adopting a holistic approach to health – one that honours the body’s innate wisdom and champions the principles of self-discovery, education and self-advocacy.

My guiding philosophy centers on the belief that everyone can achieve better health. Yet, the complexities of modern life and the abundance of conflicting health information often lead to confusion, wasted resources, and dead ends.

Armed with a blend of scientific knowledge, practical experience, a deep understanding of human behaviour, and comrehensive insights into modern medicine (half of my immediate family are medical doctors), I am committed to simplifying the wellness journey for women, offering them a roadmap to sustainable change without the burden of stress and overwhelm.

Now in my 40s, I understand the hormonal and life changes this decade brings for women – sleep, immunity, periods, moods, digestion, skin, hair, weight, brain function, joints, etc. can all be affected.


My 1:1 work resembles a wellness playground – no life topic is off-limits. It offers a blend of coaching, education, full support and accountability

Functional Medicine Principles centre on the individual – we use a deep investigative process, Sherlock-Holmes style, to get to know your body’s deepest secrets and what makes you, YOU.

The goal is to get as much understanding as possible of what drives dysfunction in YOUR body & what makes YOU well. It’s like assembling a giant health jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time. We dig into everything for insights – a detailed health history, symptoms, lifestyle, bloodwork, functional testing (if needed), and the body’s feedback

We start by gradually implementing the foundational requirements for optimal health, and create your very own “wellness blueprint” in the process.

It’s a team effort. I’ll be your GPS guide & cheerleader on the road to wellness, but you’re the star of the show. Success relies on your full participation – implementing the foundational health requirements, monitoring your body and providing full feedback every step of the way.


Applied Functional Medicine Practitioner – School of Applied Functional Medicine

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Academy of Naturopathic & Functional Wellness

Toxicity Education for Practitioners – Talking toxins, Pure Water, Obesogens – Lara Adler

Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery – Carmen Hunter

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Additional: Energy modalities – Reiki Practitioner & Theta Healing Practitioner

Some of the core functional wellness topics I am trained & experienced in


The Foundations of Disease


Gut Health


Adrenal & Thyroid Dysfunction


Sex Hormone Balance


Reversing Metabolic Dysfunction




Mitochondrial Function & Cellular Metabolism


Toxicity, Detoxification & Heavy Metals


Facilitating Lifestyle Change


Mind-Body Connection & the Placebo effect


Nutrition & Supplements


Advanced Labwoork (Blood Testing and some Functional Tests i.e. hormones, gut, HTMA)


Immune Function, Loss of Tolerance and Hypervigilance


Skin Health


Anxiety, Depression & Mood Imbalance


Fertility Interconnectedness


Headaches & Migraines


Ongoing trainings in the above + more wellness topics with various training organisations


I was born on the beach. Not really, but the beach is life for me.

I’ve never had a professional photo shoot. In all the beach pics you see here, I am covered head to toe in sand and salt water. Yes, my hair, too.

I read at least 10 books at any time and don’t finish all of them.⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

Straight talking is my thing. Always wrapped in oodles of love & compassion.⠀⠀

Spiders and water are not my BFFs. I have been known to climb furniture and scream when in contact with both (everyone does this, right?).⠀⠀ ⠀

I help women design healthy (for them) lifestyles in the real world. Everyone can be a wellness pro on a mountain retreat.⠀⠀ ⠀

I am fascinated by mummies, bones and toilets/kitchens in palaces and old homes. Sightseeing with me ain’t dull!

Have never, ever, EVER read a full set of instructions. OK, maybe once (IKEA!). I am a true Aries. 😂

One of my superpowers is getting to the heart of a situation, problem, or person w/ the speed of light. I have learnt that I have super heightened awareness and can connect the dots pretty quickly, which serves the people I work with well.⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

Bedtime reading involves anything and everything about body functions, psychology, human behaviour, mind-body-soul connection, war-time & detective (non-) fiction, and relationships.⠀⠀⠀⠀

Tech stuff makes me break out in hives. And don’t ask me to measure, or calculate, or do repeated tasks…..Proud Aries!😂

I am a fully certified Mortgage Broker. A career that never was.

Pippi Longstocking is my favourite girl character of all time. Brave, quick-witted, self-sufficient, generous, mischievous & with an unshakable self-belief. We all need a Pippi friend!

Love logical thinking. Also, I’ve always known (somehow) that symptoms can’t just appear out of the blue. In the same way, I’ve always known that there must be more to our existence than our physical journey on the planet. No logic whatsoever.

85% chocolate is one of my life’s daily joys. The jury is out there if it’s a separate food group or not!


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